How do I get a TIN ID in the Philippines?

May 20, 2023


Every Filipino taxpayer should work to obtain a Tax Identification Number, which is a crucial document. The paper acts as both a legitimate ID and proof of membership in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Everyone has to understand how to obtain a TIN ID now that it is essential for transactions involving the government.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue receives a large number of requests for these identification documents every day. However, a candidate would wish to be aware of a synopsis of the procedure before visiting any BIR branch nationwide.

When requesting this document, there are a few things you need to remember. Nevertheless, the procedures are straightforward.

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(TIN ID) Tax Identification Number

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uses a taxpayer identification number as a means of identification for enforcing tax regulations. As a result, the document is released by the Internal Revenue Service. Does TIN equate to SSN? The format of a person’s Tax Identification Number is the same as their Social Security number: 123-456-789.

The two documents are not identical, though. The Social Security Administration (SSA) issues Social Security numbers (SSNs), whereas the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues all other Taxpayers Identification Numbers.

How to obtain a TIN ID in the Philippines?

An identification card, also known as a TIN card, contains the holder’s complete name, address, passport-size photo, signature, date of birth, and the date the card was issued in addition to the BIR TIN. The card is provided without charge by the BIR, and it is perpetual.

Every patriotic Filipino citizen who is tax compliant whether they are working, self-employed, or unemployed can obtain a Tax Identification Number.

What conditions must a TIN ID meet?

Depending on the applicant’s employment situation, the Bureau of Internal Revenue requests different sets of information during the TIN ID application. The TIN ID requirements for the application documents for employees are listed below based on information from the BIR’s official website.

  • Form BIR 1902
  • Birth certificates, passports, LTO driver’s licenses, and community tax certificates are examples of identification documents.
  • For married women, a marriage contract
  • Foreigner’s passport

How to obtain a TIN ID when you’re unemployed

In the Philippines, obtaining a Tax Identification Number while unemployed is now simple. Unemployed citizens may also apply for a Tax Identification Number under Executive Order No. 98.

The following government-related transactions require the document as a condition.

  • Applying to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for a passport. issued by the Land
  • Transportation Office (LTO), a driver’s license.

The BIR was motivated by Executive Order No. 98 to permit anyone who had to use the card to transact with the government to secure the document. The following requirements apply to jobless people.

  • Form BIR 1904
  • Birth certificates, National IDs, and passports are examples of identification documents.
  • For married women, a marriage license
  • Foreigner’s passport

Application procedures are easy. The steps are listed below.

  • Visit the nearby BIR branch to pick up the BIR Form 1904.
  • Complete the form completely, then make a copy for your records.
  • Including a copy of your birth certificate or other form of identification is recommended.
  • Send a properly completed BIR 1904 Form along with the necessary documentation to the RDO that has jurisdiction over your address.
  • Ask when you can get the ID card and then wait for its issuing.

How to apply online for a TIN ID card?

The majority of government functions have been made simpler and more accessible to the public thanks to the Internet. Online registration for TIN ID is one such service. The applicants can obtain a TIN quickly and conveniently online.

Filipino citizens can obtain the online application for the document through the BIR eReg web application system. You can apply without showing up in person at a branch office of the Internal Revenue Service.

Who may submit a tax identification number application online? Those who are eligible to apply include:

  • Self-employed individuals
  • mixed-income individuals
  • Employees
  • Those without a job as defined by Executive Order No. 98

The actions listed below must be followed if you are self-employed to obtain a TIN ID online.

  1. Either a computer or a phone can be used to access the BIR eReg website.
  2. Complete the online form carefully and submit it.
  3. Await the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s confirmation message.

How to get a TIN ID if lost?

Did you know that if your card is lost or destroyed, you can get a replacement? You would be required to pay a P100 processing fee for the replacement exercise.

The necessary conditions are as follows: Read more:

  • Form BIR 1905
  • Payment Form BIR Form 0605
  • Affidavit of Loss Notarized (P150–P300 Costs)
  • If married, a marriage certificate.

You can use the steps listed below to replace a lost TIN ID card:

  1. Visit the RDO where your document was issued.
  2. Complete BIR Form 1905.
  3. Send the properly completed form and the other necessary items to the COR update window.
  4. BIR Form 0605 should be filled out and submitted to the payment window for validation.
  5. Pay the replacement charge to any RDO-authorized bank agent. You will receive a receipt and a machine-validated BIR Form 0605 after making your payment.
  6. Deliver the receipt and the BIR Form 0605 with machine validation to the COR update window at the RDO.
  7. Get your TIN ID; in some cases, you can get the certificate today. Normally, it can take you at least two hours to apply for a replacement.

Verifying a TIN

To give taxpayers a convenient way to retrieve or verify their taxpayer identification numbers (TINs), the Bureau of Internal Revenue developed the Mobile Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Verifier app.

As a result, Filipinos can get prompt answers to their questions about TINs without having to visit the district offices of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Two objectives are served by the BIR TIN verification. They consist of:

  • TIN inquiry
  • TIN validation


You should preserve your TIN ID in a safe location because it is a valuable document. If your name, residence, civil status, or any other information changes, you should also update it with the BIR. To update or modify your information, utilize BIR Form 1905.

If you follow these instructions and get the required paperwork ready, getting a TIN ID in the Philippines is not difficult. Having a TIN ID will make it easier for you to fulfill your tax duties and take advantage of several government and institutional benefits and privileges.