Benefits of OFW’s in the Philippines

October 27, 2022


Benefits of OFW in the Philippines


In our nation, overseas Filipino workers, or OFWs, are revered as modern-day heroes. It is a result of the sacrifices they made by relocating away from their loved ones and family in order to better their financial situation and the lives of their families.

In addition, every time our OFWs send money or remittances home, the Philippines’ dollar reserves increase, which is beneficial for the nation’s economic situation.

Additionally, our national government recognizes the effort and sacrifice they make to provide a better life for their family. It is understandable why our government rewards its tenacity and contributions to our economic progress with numerous opportunities and special benefits.

Among the benefits our OFWs can make use of are:

Courtesy lane for OFW Passport Applications

At Robinsons Galleria at Ortigas Center, OFWs who happen to be in the Philippines can take advantage of accelerated processing for passport renewals. In addition to not requiring reservations, the process is also quick and simple for OFWs. They only need to bring their onward travel ticket and work contract.

OWWA Benefits

The protection and promotion of the well-being of OFWs and their families are one of the main responsibilities of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, or OWWA. They offer a variety of services as a result, including on-site assistance, the development of work skills, financial aid for family members who require higher education, counseling, and legal representation.

In terms of social benefits, OWWA provides programs including the Welfare Assistance Program, Supplemental Medical Assistance for OFWs or Medplus, Death and Burial, Disability and Dismemberment, and Death and Burial.

A pre-departure education program, training programs for Filipino seafarers, scholarships for dependents of OFWs, and special projects like Project EASE and Tabang OFW are among the Education and Training Benefits that OWWA also provides.

Additionally, they have welfare programs that offer services and support directly to OFWs at their places of employment as well as in-country help to OFWs and their families on the home front.

OWWA provides advantages for their Reintegration Program, including preparedness for reintegration both on-site and in-country, Balik Pinas! Hanapbuhay, Balik! (BPBHP), Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa Pag-Unlad ng Samahang OFWs, and Overseas Filipino Workers – Enterprise Development Loan Program (OFW-EDLP) (Tulong PUSO).

Last but not least, OWWA also provides our OFWs with Repatriation Assistance Benefits, which include transportation to their home provinces, airport assistance, temporary housing at the OWWA Halfway Home, psychosocial counseling, stress debriefing, and temporary housing.

You can visit their OWWA Member Community to learn more about these OWWA advantages.

Bank housing Loan

In the meantime, you can quickly apply for a bank housing loan for your retirement home or income-producing real estate investment if you’re looking for an OFW house for sale or an OFW housing loan.

Since there are no requirements for mandatory membership, donations, or even a savings account, applying for a bank home loan is simple. Simply having a defined gross monthly income and working for at least two years is all that is necessary to qualify for this kind of loan.

Bank housing loans typically have adjustable interest rates that range from 5% to 12% annually, depending on the state of the economy. The fixed payment lengths range from 5 to 20 years, depending on your financial situation. This is a great deal, especially if you like to gradually balance your money.

Fees exemption

If you hold an Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC, you may be excluded from paying fees. An OFW, especially a valid one, may not have to pay some fees, such as trip taxes, documentary stamp tax, and airport terminal charges. You can still get a refund at the airport terminal even if you had paid for your airport terminal fees when you bought your travel tickets online.

Benefits for holders of VIPinoy Cards

Even though the program’s application process was terminated on October 1, 2017, OFWs and their families had free access to several facilities thanks to this membership. This includes savings in Ayala Malls Cinemas until 2018, Family Lounges at Ayala Malls, Priority Lane, Reserved seats at certain mall concerts and events, and more.

Membership benefits at SM Global Pinoy Center

SM offers benefits and opportunities for OFWs and their families at SM Malls through a program called SM Global Pinoy Center, which is specifically designed for them. OFWs and their families can take use of free refreshments, free internet surfing, free pick-up of remittances, free foreign currency services, and free international calls inside these locations.

Free language workshop from TESDA

To help Overseas Filipino Workers improve their language skills, TESDA Language Skills Institute offers free language classes in Spanish, English, Japanese, Mandarin, and Arabic. If you want to go to any of the countries where these languages are spoken, knowing one or more foreign languages will be useful.

Since there are only a limited number of places available, be sure to register as soon as you can. The sooner you reserve your position, the better, even though OFWs are given preference. Visit the TESDA website to find out more about this program and to get further information.

Voluntary Savings Program of Pag-IBIG

In 2009, the Home Development Mutual Fund Law was established by Republic Act 9679. A savings plan with favorable interest rates is offered to OFWs by this statute. Using the typical 6% rebate, a monthly investment of P500 will result in savings of P34,921.79 after five years. Similarly, savings will total P816,550.25 after ten years of P5,000 monthly contributions.

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Giving them benefits is vital since the government gains from them, and these OFWs deserve particular treatment because we are unaware of the hardships they go through to support their families needs in the Philippines.

Sending money through remittance is one way for people to support their families in the Philippines and feel as though their support is very close to their loved ones. And also, By supporting a burgeoning middle class, remittances sent home by overseas workers are bridging the wealth and poverty gap. The consumption of goods and services rises with better living conditions and more disposable income, which propels the economy ahead.