OPTI Credit to Bank Account

We’ll take care of the deposit and transfer funds to your bank account.

Optimum Exchange Remit Inc, to Account, saves you and your relatives time and effort by transferring funds straight into their Philippine bank accounts.

Timely, secure, and dependable

Sending to bank account transactions for major, rural, and provincial Philippine banks are conveniently handled by Optimum Exchange Remit Inc. Simply hand over your money to any of our dependable Optimum International Partners and supply us with their Philippine bank and account information.

One day following your transaction, the funds will be safely and securely sent to the recipient’s bank account in the Philippines.

Door to door money delivery

Banks where we can credit beneficiary remittances in the Philippines

Asia United Bank (AUB)
Banco De Oro (BDO)
Bank of Commerce
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Chinabank Savings
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)

East West Bank
One Network Bank
Philippine Business Bank

Philippine National Bank (PNB)
Philippine Veterans Bank
Philtrust Bank
Producers Bank
PS Bank
Robinsons Bank
Sterling Bank

Simple steps for transferring funds to a bank account service

Visit any branch of Optimum Remit’s partners abroad.

Inquire about the applicable service fee and conversion rate.

Fill out a Sending Money Form and indicate the mode of transfer: credit to bank account details.

The branch may conduct a KYC and due diligence to verify the identity of the sender.

Once the money transfer has been successfully completed, a transaction reference number will be sent.
A transaction reference number will be provided once the money transfer has been successfully processed. To inquire about the status of your transfer, simply visit Optimum Exchange Remit and key in the reference number to get the status of the remittance sent.

Pre-payment Disclosures

Now, consumers generally receive information before they pay for money transfers to other countries. This information is free. Consumers are not required to complete the transfer when they receive this information.

They can choose to go ahead and send the money or use the information to compare costs.

For most transfers covered by the new law, information must be given in writing before the consumer pays for the transfer. This includes information about:

  • The remittance rates of exchange
  • The company collects transfer fees and taxes.
  • Fees levied by the company’s international agents, as well as a few other expenses
  • Involved institutions in the transfer procedure
  • The total amount of money that will be provided, excluding foreign taxes.
  • or a fee levied against the beneficiary.
  • If necessary, a warning that additional foreign taxes and fees may apply.
    be taken out of the cash remittance transfer.

Our International Remittance Partners

United Arab Emirates / Kuwait / KSA

Redha Al-Ansari Exchange was among the first companies to begin money transfer business and foreign exchange operations in UAE and is now known as the leading global remittance and foreign exchange company with branches strategically located across the UAE. They attracted attention after they posted that one can transfer a little more happiness to your loved ones in the Philippines with their competitive rates and convenient services!

Al-Ektasad United Exchange Company WLL. was established in 1993. The company is operating businesses in money exchange and in the year 2005 they started telex transfer remittance in the Philippines through: Bank to Bank transaction, Cash Pick-up or Door to Door. With their tag line: Bilis Padala…Serbisyong Pilipino, every Filipino will never hesitate getting their service because it ignites a sense of belongingness.

Mariana Islands

RNV Forex is a foreign exchange company located in Northern Mariana Island (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands), that was established in 2009 under the RJCL Corp and an agent of the Philippine National Bank (PNB) and Bank of Philippine Island (BPI) which primarily engaged in money remittance business in the Commonwealth. It aims to help the Filipinos in their remittance needs to their loved ones and families back home.

Southeast Asia

Brunphil or Right Choice Payments (formerly known as Brunphil Express Pte Ltd) is a company that is based in Singapore that has seen a steady expansion in clientele since the 28th day of October 1997. It offers a flexible remittance platform to provide fast and reliable money transfer services for the various segments of population.

JDEE Remit is a financial institution and a service provider of Western Union that helps customers to send remittances to their loved ones. They offer money transfer to countries like China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries in the world. Skip the queue, send money and pay bills using their app.

Citi Express Payment has been a partner of Optimum Remit since 2019 located at the World Wide Plaza in Hong Kong. Sending money from abroad and paying bills from home have been made easy through their Remittance App. Sending money and paying bills may be done anywhere and anytime with very low transaction fees at the push of a button.

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