What Optimum Remit has to Offer?

Our company serves as the fulfillment arm in the Philippines of its various remittance tie-ups in Kuwait, the UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Saipan, through its different product offerings:

OPTI Credit to Bank Account

Sending money to the Philippines has been made easy.

OPTI Cash Pick up

Ensure the amount of money sent is readily available.

OPTI Door-to-Door Delivery

No online account with banks? Nothing to worry.

OPTI Bill Payments and Vistaland Payments

Pay your bills on time, never miss the due date of your utility bill and housing amortization.

OPTI Insurance Payment

Schedule payments of your insurance premium while you transfer money.

Government Payments

We complete your financial services and remittance services need.

Want to know more about our products?

For further inquiries, please contact us and talk to our expert.