Best Financial Calculator

November 11, 2021
Financial Calculator

Financial calculators are electronic calculators that are used to perform financial calculations that normal calculators cannot. The valuations of investments, cash flow quantities, and loan-related charges are among the tasks that financial calculators are designed to compute.

Tax, interest rate, and regression calculations are all made easier with financial calculators. Financial calculators are useful for accountants, students, financiers, and business owners. 

However, which financial calculators are the greatest to invest in, given the plethora of options available?

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator

The TI BA II Plus Professional financial calculator is ideal for those who need to execute advanced financial, statistical, or accounting calculations. It has a lot of features and is a great choice for anybody who might want to use it in a Chartered Financial Analyst® test.

The Texas Instruments calculator can be used to calculate the IRR, MIRR, NFV, and NPV for the purpose of assessing cash flows in finance. It can store up to 32 unbalanced cash flows, each with a four-digit frequency. It also allows the user to make changes to the data they enter.

Calculating the time worth of money and an amortization schedule are two things that TI’s calculator excels at. BA II Plus Professional can be used to calculate mortgage rates, loan amounts, leases, and savings.

Calculated Industries 3400 Pocket Real Estate Master

The Calculated Industries 3400 calculator will be useful for persons who need to address real estate finance concerns. It is significantly less expensive than other financial calculators on the market.

For those who are just starting in real estate financing, the Calculated Industries 3400 is an excellent entry-level calculator. The calculator’s pocket size is one feature that many people appreciate. 

It’s also simple to use, especially for those who aren’t familiar with financial calculators.

Texas Instruments BA II PLUS

Both students and company owners will benefit from the BA II PLUS financial calculator. It comes in handy when it comes to accounting, investing, and financial applications. 

Given the calculator’s extensive feature set, users will need some time to understand all of its nuances.

The Texas BAII PLUS is capable of resolving time-value-of-money issues. Individuals can also use it to calculate the IRR and NPV for cash flow analysis. In actuality, it has a maximum capacity of 24 unbalanced cash flows.

Victor 6500 12 Digit Executive Desktop Financial Calculator

The Victor 6500 is a solid contender for anyone seeking a budget-friendly financial calculator. Aside from its low price, the calculator features an ultra-large LCD angled display that clearly shows values.

It also has a loan wizard tool that allows users to enter any loan variables and compute the results. Although the Victor 6500 calculator may not have all of the bells and whistles that other financial calculators do, it can still perform basic finance and accounting calculations.

Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator

The Casio FC-200V is ideal for people who need to solve complex financial concerns. It has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of built-in functionalities. 

Users will be able to undertake an investment analysis, as well as compute costs and sale margins, using the Casio calculator. The FC-200V calculator also allows users to convert percentage interest rates to effective interest rates and perform simple and compound interest computations.

HP 12CP Financial Calculator

Another popular financial calculator is the HP 12CP, which is extensively used by finance and business experts. It has a user-friendly interface that makes browsing it a breeze. It’s also one of the few calculators allowed in CFA tests.

The HP 12CP calculator has roughly 120 built-in functions in total. It can assist people with statistical and mathematical computations in addition to finance.

Sharp Calculators EL-334WB Business Calculator

The EL-334WB Business Calculator is large enough to fit on a desk. It has a kickstand and is suitable for usage at home or in the office. 

The calculator is elegantly designed in white and has a large LCD display for easy viewing.

The data entry keys are likewise large, making it a useful gadget for people who need to operate in dimly lit environments. Cost and sell margins, as well as profit margin, may all be calculated using the calculator. 

The EL-334WB has a grand total key, backspace key, double zero key, 4-key independent memory, an extra-large plus key, and automated tax keys, among other features.

HP NW239AA 10bII+ Financial Calculator

The HP NW239AA is another excellent financial calculator option, with an easy-to-use design that quickly solves finance, business, and statistics problems. It includes over 100 simply accessible business operations that allow users to perform quick computations and save time.

Loan payments, interest rates, standard deviation, NPV, IRR, percent, and other difficulties can all be solved using the HP calculator. It is also permitted in CFP Certification exams.

Final Thoughts

A normal calculator will not serve if a person has to execute simple or complex financial calculations. In such cases, a financial calculator with extensive features to simplify the computation of financial problems is the most appropriate equipment. 

Complicated calculations, such as amortization schedules and cash flow analyses, can be handled using financial calculators.