Best Investment for OFWs

August 12, 2021

Most individuals assume that investing necessitates a thorough knowledge of the stock market and that they can only do it if they have taken economics or other finance-related programs. As a result, fear sets in, and people begin to be afraid of investing. Clearly, this should not be the case in terms of pursuing investing.

This is due to the fact that investing can be done without having taken any investment programs. This is especially crucial for Overseas Filipino Workers, who are frequently involved in projects that require a large amount of money. Alternative forms of investment do not necessitate extensive stock market knowledge, so you do not need a college diploma to get started.

You’ll need some money to start, some building conceptual abilities, and, of course, time and determination to be successful. So, if you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) or a recently employed employee seeking strategies to save money or invest, have a look at our list of the top investing options, which are suitable for OFWs and anyone looking to create and grow their wealth.

Savings in Bank Account


Depositing money into a bank account is the most common way of saving in the Philippines. To keep your money safe as an OFW, you should open a bank account with a savings account. To help you make the best financial decisions, read our in-depth review of the various savings accounts available to OFWs, as well as their perks and cons.

However, because savings account interest rates aren’t particularly high, don’t expect your bank account balance to skyrocket. Savings in a bank account, on the other hand, is preferable to having no savings at all. Furthermore, putting money in a bank account is very safe and secure.

Small Business

Small Business

It could be a community enterprise or a water treatment facility. These are micro-business that will pay you on a consistent basis.

This is a wonderful alternative if you’re seeking a higher-yielding small business investment. Debt investors, on the other hand, earn from the promise of interest and principal payback when they lend money. The benefit of debt investments is that they take precedence over equity investors if the company goes bankrupt. Choose the option that best fits your objectives while keeping the budget in mind.

Reminder: As part of your investment strategy, consider the taxes and costs associated with trading. You could lose more than 30% of your investment if you aren’t careful. This usually happens when decision-making is not appropriate and even if it is just a small business you can not afford to make mistakes.



You become a shareholder of the company you choose when you invest in the stock market. As a shareholder, you get a share of the company as well. In general, stock investing is a long-term investment. If you want to generate a significant amount of money, you’ll also need to be hands-on in monitoring possible buyouts you’re supposed to be dealing with after a long period of waiting.

Investing inside this Philippine Stock Market: A Tips:

Stocks are a difficult investment. As a result, you should invest in training and seminars to further your education. Online investment courses, on the other hand, can help you learn more about investing from the comfort of your own home. Instead, I recommend “peso swing trading,” which entails investing little amounts of money over a long period of time.

Based on your investing style, determine which investment opportunities are best for you. There must be websites that can assist you in determining whether you are a risk-taker or a careful risk-taker. Workshops, on the other hand, can provide you with guidance and a recommended approach to the venture to fully understand the trend you’re going in.

Anything might happen at any time, and it could affect your stock portfolio. Short-term volatility is “Okay” if you are investing for the long term, but if you are investing for the short term, a variety of things might occur that can have a positive or negative impact on the value of your stocks.

Micro-lending and Peer-to-Peer Lending

Micro lending

Microlending and peer-to-peer lending are two kinds of financing that allow people to borrow and lend money without having to go through traditional financial institutions like banks. These two, on the other hand, are now used by investors as a source of fixed income. Through several online lending platforms, you can earn profits in macro-lending and peer-to-peer lending. These lending platforms connect borrowers and lenders who want to invest their money and make interest through interest rates.



As an OFW, you may want to consider investing in Bitcoin, a digital asset that can be used practically everywhere. It’s meant to be a way to keep track of coin ownership in a digital database. The value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates over time. As a result, you can profit by selling the coins you purchased at a higher price than you paid for them., for example, is a website where you may buy coins if you live in the Philippines.
It also enables OWFs, to easily access financial services directly from their phone. With funds in your Coins. ph wallet, you can buy loads, send money and pay bills using your smartphone. To cash in visit any nearest AllCash branch today.

Coinbase is also a wonderful place to buy cryptocurrencies. It is no longer available in the Philippines, but if you live in one of the countries where it is, take advantage of it. Another investment strategy wherein you need to rely on daily currency trademarks.

Real Estate

Real Estate

This type of investment necessitates a large sum of money as a down payment on the property you wish to purchase. You may also be confident that if you make the right decisions, you will earn more than the value of your investment, and in many cases, more than all of the other alternative investments discussed here.

For OFWs, however, this is a great decision because loan payments and other property management expenses will work as “forced savings.” Once the property is paid for, you’ll use the revenue to supplement your income or put it toward other assets.

What do you mean by that?
Investments are:
Instead of thinking emotionally, think logically.
Stay Ahead of Inflation
To Achieve Other Financial Objectives
Tax reductions
Cut Your Losses
Be a business-minded person
Long term returns


OFWs’ status for earning money outside of the country is not permanent, they must find other means to support themselves or earn more money in addition to working as OFWs. Investing is the best way for individuals to earn more money in the long run. It is riskier, but it also comes at a higher cost. Apart from that, learning and adapting to a new method of money circulation is a must for daily circumstances encountered in the near future