Charitable Institutions to Donate to in the Philippines

March 11, 2022

Whether it’s the season of giving or not, doing your part to help others is really important. You can help others in a variety of ways.

You can organize a fundraiser, volunteer for a worthy cause, or even perform random acts of kindness. Another option is to make a monetary donation to a nonprofit or charity.

In the Philippines, there are thousands of charities and charitable organizations. As a result, deciding where to give can be difficult.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of the greatest organizations in the country to donate to. This way, you can rest assured that your donation will go a long way toward helping a cause that you care about.

What are Charitable Institutions and How Do They Work?

A charity institution, often known as a nonprofit organization, seeks to help the general population. Charitable organizations might be run in a public or private setting.

Generally, the organization’s finances are distributed to underserved communities in order to ensure that the cause they are working for is furthered.

In the Philippines, there are various types of charities.

Not every charity is the same. It might be difficult to categorize charities because there are so many different kinds.

Based on the sectors they help, these are the many sorts of charities in the country.


This is one of the most common types of charitable organizations, and it encompasses a wide range of organizations. Generally, charitable organizations like this assist people who have physical limitations or are unwell.

This includes funding medical research, paying hospital fees, and raising public awareness about health issues.


Animal charities help animals and wildlife by protecting, assisting, and conserving them. This includes a wide range of charities, including pet and animal care organizations, as well as wildlife conservation organizations.

Culture and the arts

You can donate to this type of charity if you are a big fan of the arts. Funds are raised for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage and art by arts and culture charity.

This comprises, among other things, historical societies, museums, and art galleries.


Education charities assist underprivileged students in completing their studies. The majority of these organizations give to children regardless of their age, educational path, or school.

Many charities, including this one, have established scholarship programs and schools to assist kids. In addition to the scholarship program.

Development of the community

There are always communities in need of assistance. Community development organizations assist communities that are more in need than others.

Their primary role is to help and revitalize communities by providing affordable housing and livelihood initiatives, among other things.

Human services

This is yet another broad category that encompasses a wide range of charities.

Food banks, food pantries, homeless services, juvenile development centers, crisis services, free legal services, and social services are just a few of the organizations that come under this category.

Public Charitable Institutions vs. Private Foundations

A single contributor, generally a firm or an individual, establishes a private foundation. An investment is formed with an initial seed donation, also known as an endowment, in order for it to generate revenue.

Families, individuals, corporations, and other financial sources can all contribute to rescue efforts. The money is then distributed in the form of grants to other organizations or individuals who fall inside the foundation’s mission.

Private foundations’ endowment structures provide a steady, constant, and dependable source of cash.

This is critical since it can help you make more confident budgeting and funding decisions. It also guarantees that it is accessible in a timely and effective manner.

Public charities, on the other hand, request recurring donations from people, the government, or private groups. The donations collected by this charity are used to support initiatives. It is common for charities to make public appeals in order to raise more donations.

Non-Profit Organizations vs. Non-Governmental Organizations

A non-profit organization is one that is not influenced by the government. It can still accept monies from the government despite its independence, but it does so without representation or control.

A nonprofit organization, as its name implies, is one that is not structured to make a profit. They will not disperse any of their profits to their officials, members, or directors.

The main distinction between the two is the type of work they do. Although they both work for the greater good, NGOs have a larger reach, whilst NPOs are typically associated with the following:

  • Associations of alumni
  • Churches
  • Clubs for boys and girls

What are the various activities carried out by charitable organizations?


Fundraising refers to requests for monetary, in-kind, and other types of donations. It also entails seeking donations and organizing fundraising events like races, auctions, dinners, and other activities.

Organizations that engage in fundraising activities must specify how the donations will be used and how they will be received.


Many charitable organizations and public foundations are prohibited from engaging in unrelated commercial activities. They can, however, continue to work on similar projects. Business activities are a type of revenue-generating activity that is relevant to the charity’s mission.

If a benevolent organization makes money by providing services, it is considered a business.


Many philanthropic organizations push for changes to government policy, law, or any other decision that will assist them achieve their goals. Political activities are intended to aid a specific philanthropic cause.

Aside from the aforementioned tasks, charity organizations can also engage in activities such as the construction of monuments, public buildings, and other structures.

These are accomplished with the help of funds received by a nonprofit organization. NGOs and NPOs can also hold activities to counteract community decay, as well as provide any form of social aid to those who are less fortunate.

Top Charitable Institutions in the Philippines

  • UNICEF Philippines
  • World Vision Philippines
  • Dream Big Pilipinas
  • GreenEarth Heritage Foundation
  • CARA
  • Liter of Light by MyShelter Foundation
  • Haribon Foundation
  • Love Yourself
  • Mental Health PH
  • Water for Waves Philippines
  • Nature of Kids Siargao
  • Project CURMA