How to Save Money at the Supermarket

April 1, 2022

Going to the grocery shop is something that most of us dread. We might even construct a shopping list to deter ourselves from wandering the aisles, eyeing the new things on the shelves. 

When we get to the checkout line, though, we are always surprised by the sum. Now, some of this is attributable to the current condition of inflation, but it does not account for everything. The following are the quickest ways to save money at the supermarket:

Compare Prices at Various Stores

If you live near several grocery stores, go to a few of them to compare pricing. This way, you can figure out which businesses give the best value on the things you require and keep an eye out for sales. To maximize your savings, shop at two grocery stores instead of one if it isn’t too much of a problem.

Generic Brands to Purchase

Did you know that grocery stores stock brand-name, high-priced items at eye level? You will be more inclined to buy the higher-priced, name-brand item if you do this. 

Generic brand foods that taste just as excellent at a lesser price can be found on either the top or bottom shelves. Remember to look on the top and bottom shelves of the grocery store the next time you go so you don’t get duped into buying expensive things.

Before you leave, make a meal plan

You can avoid buying goods you don’t need by figuring out what meals you and your family will eat in the following weeks. Plus, if you see that ground beef, tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese are all on sale at your local shop, you may plan a spaghetti or homemade pizza night.

Make a to-do list and stick to it

It can be perilous to go to the grocery without a list. Even if you have a list, sticking to it can be tough if you are shopping with children or on an empty stomach. 

Make sure you have your list and are prepared to stick to it the next time you go! To avoid any last-minute surprises, you could wish to eat ahead of time or leave the kids at home.

Become a member of the Loyalty Program

The majority of stores provide a free loyalty program! Signing up for a loyalty program may result in you receiving coupons for items you frequently purchase, as well as fuel credits to help you save money at the gas pump. 

This is a more convenient method that eliminates the need to clip coupons.

Following these suggestions will assist you in reducing your spending and lowering your shopping cost. The money you save could be used towards a future trip or a big-ticket item you’ve been eyeing. 

Just remember to avoid going to the supermarket on an empty stomach and to bring your shopping list with you at all times.

Using a Calculator While Shopping

If you’re attempting to stick to a budget, set a limit for yourself, such as not spending more than ₱1000 at the store, and hold yourself to it. Calculating each item as you add it to your cart is one way to do this. 

There’s no excuse when your phone has a calculator built in! Writing a physical list and crossing things off as I go is enjoyable to me, but going all-digital means you won’t lose your list and have to scurry to recall everything you planned to buy. This will also assist you avoid buying things on impulse.

Clip coupons

We’ve all heard of coupon clippers who save tens of thousands of dollars each year! While keeping track of everything you buy each month and accumulating coupons from both manufacturers and places you shop at takes a lot of time and effort, it may save you a lot of money each year.

Online Shopping

The majority of these pricing comparisons were conducted by searching for items on Instacart, a service that delivers groceries from local businesses. For convenience and the ability to know exactly what I’m paying and price compare, I also utilize Peapod (which uses Stop & Shop’s suburban prices) and Fresh Direct (our test kitchen’s go-to for groceries).

How to Make Smart Grocery Purchases

  1. Shopping on an empty stomach is not a good idea. You’ll buy fewer snacks and/or items that you don’t normally buy, and you’ll only shop at the grocery store for groceries, not gifts and other extras!
  2. Make a list and stick to it, even if your children are “assisting.”
  3. Before you go shopping, plan your meals for the week and then buy what’s on the menu. If a week’s worth of planning seems excessive, start with three or four days.
  4. Only go shopping once a week. If you go to the store every day or several times a week, you’ll probably spend more.
  5. When you have energy and aren’t exhausted from a long day, go shopping. When you have energy and aren’t preoccupied, it’s easier to focus and make sensible decisions.
  6. Return your bottles and cans in exchange for the deposit. If you have children, enlist their assistance and allow them to keep the money they make.
  7. When you’re weary, stressed, or in a hurry, go to your favorite stores. You’ll be able to discover what you need and go out with it promptly.

Combining Money Saving Techniques

You may dramatically lower your shopping budget by combining as many of these money-saving techniques as feasible. Make a grocery list, and then buy only the items on it. After that, go to a produce store and start purchasing. 

These stores enable you to eat well while saving money. Keep an eye on the prices, but you’ll probably want to buy the majority of your fruit from these types of places. 

The exception would be if there are extremely good bargains at other supermarkets, or if you’re prepared to pay a little more for a few fruits and veggies that are of higher quality at another store.

Continue to save money by doing your big shopping at a discount grocery store and stocking up on as many generic brand name items as your taste buds can handle. Request coupons from the makers for the brands you enjoy, and then keep an eye out for a deal. 

Stock up on your favorite products when they go on sale and apply your coupons. If the deal is at Safeway, you might be able to arrange your visit to coincide with their customer appreciation day. 

Buying with coupons on a customer appreciation day when there is a sale—and then stocking up—can save you a lot of money. Stick to your shopping list and pay with cash or your debit card.

What does this imply for you personally?

Some of these money-saving ideas may seem a bit extreme, but we all know that some people are more motivated to save than others. That’s why we’re working hard to provide you with as many unique and informative solutions as possible. 

You have the power to choose how motivated you are to save. Some people enjoy saving money, while others see it as a necessity. 

If you merely use a few of the suggestions on this page and save 20% a year, you might save ₱3730 if you feed a family of four. Is it worth the time and effort to earn ₱3730? That could pay for your next holiday.