Investment Management

January 13, 2022
Investment Management

The process of establishing a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other investments depending on your objectives is known as investment management. You have the option of hiring an investment management firm or managing your own portfolio.

It may appear that hiring someone to handle your investment portfolio is a service that only the wealthy require or can afford. Although it’s crucial to ensure that every dollar in your portfolio is optimized, investment management is about making the most of your money.

You can get help from an investment manager.

What is an investment?

An investment is anything you buy with the expectation that its value will rise over time. Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are just a few of the most common types of investment instruments.

Investors typically purchase these investments and hold them for a long time, benefiting from any increase in value. Investors can, of course, lose money if the value of their investment falls. Some investments (such as bonds) are less risky than others in terms of losing value (such as stocks).

Other things can also be used as investments. Despite the fact that not everyone makes money on a home sale, many people consider it to be an investment.

Homes, like other investments, can also lose value. Vehicles, for example, are not considered investments because they degrade in value over time.

What is the job of an investment manager?

An investment manager is a person or corporation who manages a client’s investment portfolio.

Investment managers devise an investment plan to achieve a client’s objectives, and then use that approach to divide the client’s portfolio among various types of investments, such as stocks and bonds, according to the strategy. The manager buys and sells those investments on behalf of the client as needed, as well as keeping track of the portfolio’s overall results.

Others work as financial planners, advising on matters such as cash flow management, taxes, insurance, and estate planning from a holistic financial perspective. Others coordinate the services of other experts such as lawyers and accountants with high-net-worth clients to fulfill their financial planning and investment management needs. 

Wealth management is a term used to describe this. In addition to investment management, wealth management provides additional knowledge in areas such as estate and tax planning, accountancy services, and retirement planning. Investment management may be beneficial if you need assistance choosing investments for your IRA.

Wealth management would almost certainly be excessive.

How to manage your own money

You have the option of handling your investments yourself or outsourcing it (and pay for the service). If you want to manage your own investments, you’ll need to decide what type of account you want to use, what types of investments you want to make, and how much money you want to put in.

Get your investments managed for you

You also have a few options if you want to outsource your investment management. The benefits, drawbacks, and typical expenses of several types of investment management services are listed below.


Clients will have access to Dedicated Relationship Managers and Wealth and Legal Advisors through BDO’s Private Banking branch, which provides investment management, wealth planning, and structuring services.

Planning for the future

Clients can use an open architectural platform to plan and execute their investment portfolios, manage their estates, and get access to investment advice services.

Management of Investments

Asset allocation, portfolio construction, investment selection, and investment execution can be delegated to BDO in three ways:

  • BDO will create a bespoke portfolio that suits your investing goals and risk tolerance for a managed account. Using this option, BDO’s wealth advisors, investment managers, and analysts may choose and execute the best investments for you.
  • Advisory account – For clients who wish to be more involved in asset management and take more responsibility. Their investment choices can be made based on wealth managers’ thoughts and recommendations, which are tailored to the client’s portfolio. Assistance with asset class and specialized investment analysis is also provided by BDO’s capital markets and investment research.
  • Intricacies and movements of turbulent markets are well-known to clients who are well-versed in them. You can use BDO to execute your investment strategy, and it will also keep track of your assets by recording them, settling them, and customizing them.


In addition to providing investment and financial services to high net worth individuals, RCBC Wealth Management is a company’s private banking arm committed to fulfilling their investment and financial needs. In order to handle the following areas of wealth management, it’s a high-level professional service provided by a specialized relationship manager.

  • Advice on finances and investments
  • RCBC’s finance professionals can provide you with expert assistance for your various investments and assets.
  • Planning for retirement
  • Strategies and methods for achieving your financial objectives once you retire.
  • Planning your estate
  • In the case of death, you can designate terms and conditions for how your fortune and assets will be divided.


With customised asset management and family services advising, UnionBank Private Banking seeks to provide customers with complete wealth management solutions and globally diversified portfolios.

Advice on finances

A client’s purpose is to supply them with an optimal investment portfolio that suits their risk profile and profit objectives using an open-architecture investing methodology.

Investment Strategies and Global Funds

Through AllFunds Bank, UB teamed with Lombard Odier, a Swiss private bank, to provide clients with global diversified investment portfolios, comprehensive wealth management solutions, and a global trading platform.

Outlets for Local Investment

Filipino government securities, US Treasury bonds, corporate bond issues, common & preferred equity, UITFs, and special rates on Money Market Instruments are among the local investment options available to clients.

Deviations on the value of a stock or a commodity

In addition, clients have access to structured solutions that will increase the yield of their investment holdings while taking into account credit, liquidity, and other related risks.


Money, despite being thought to be safer than stocks, is unable to increase in the long run without investment. Stock market volatility isn’t always linked to poor outcomes. 

It may allow investors to buy shares at a lower price and earn larger long-term returns. Because of this, investment management assists clients in expanding their money in order to obtain a high rate of return. 

Effective investment management allows clients to investigate growing and future markets in order to raise the value of their investments.