Online Trading Platforms in the Philippines

April 21, 2022

Setting up an account on an online trading platform is the easiest way to do this.

All online trading platforms are not created equal. Different investing possibilities, starter education, market research, customer service, and overall simplicity of use are all available through these services.

If you want to get the most out of your investments, you need to pick the correct platform. This is why we’ve done the majority of the legwork for you by compiling a list of the best online trading platforms available in the United States.

A regulated brokerage firm that offers buying and selling services for digital assets such as stocks, foreign exchange, mutual funds, REITs, ETFs, and cryptocurrency is referred to as an “online trading platform.”

In comparison to traditional stockbrokers, an online trading platform is a digital brokerage that makes it simple to invest in assets by automating services, simplifying complex trading ideas, and giving lower trading fees.

Many online trading platforms also provide trading tools such as stock screening, online chat rooms, and market research papers for free or at a reduced cost. These tools come in handy when it comes to planning and executing deals.

One of the most appealing features of an online trading platform is its user-friendly interface. The majority of them are mobile-friendly and may be accessed via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. A desktop version for PCs and other computers is also available.

So, how exactly do online trading platforms function?

You must first create an account before trading on an online trading platform.

Most of them allow you to sign up as a novice or a seasoned trader. It’s critical that you select the appropriate one based on the type of digital assets you wish to exchange.

After you’ve become a member, it’s time to fund your account. Most online trading platforms provide a wide range of digital assets from which you can select the one that best suits your demands.

Low trading fees are a feature of many platforms, making it easier to invest as much as you desire.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Trading Platform Online?

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should use an online trading platform.

It’s less expensive and more effective.

Online trading platforms, unlike traditional stockbrokers, are noted for having cheap trading fees. The majority of online trading platforms charge a fixed fee for each trade. The better the deal, the more you trade.

Furthermore, new internet trading systems are made to be simple to use.

The majority of them have a simple and uncomplicated Windows or Android-like UI. They also provide a mobile app that allows you to trade while on the go.

There’s no need for a middleman.

An online trading platform is a type of online brokerage that allows customers to access financial services without having to visit a physical location. This removes the need for an intermediary to collect trading commissions from you.

It improves your control.

You can trade wherever and anywhere you want with an online trading platform. This implies you can purchase and sell any digital asset at any time of day.

Many platforms also provide 24-hour customer service, ensuring that you can obtain assistance whenever you need it. There’s no need to schedule an appointment to make a transaction.

Real-time monitoring is possible.

Online trading systems, unlike traditional stockbrokers, allow you to watch real-time buying and selling activity. They also allow you to keep track of your trade history and portfolio.

It’s completely risk-free.

An online trading platform must have a securities regulator license because it is a digital brokerage firm. This license ensures that your funds and personal information are safe with the company.

It removes the possibility of broker prejudice.

One of the most significant drawbacks of having a typical stockbroker is their prejudice toward the items they promote.

With an online trading platform, on the other hand, you can pick and choose which digital assets you want to invest in. You can purchase and sell these assets as long as they are available on the marketplace.

You can gain access to more tools.

You can use free resources like live chat, market research, and webinars on online trading platforms. These tools can help you stay on top of the newest trade trends and make better judgments.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Online Trading Platform

There are numerous investing alternatives available to everyone in today’s world.

Before you join up for a new platform, be sure it meets your requirements. Here are some things to think about:

  • Make a list of the features you absolutely must have – Consider what features you want in an online trading platform. Do you desire a trading platform with market analysis reports and trading tools?

Or are you looking for a simple platform that allows you to trade stocks and forex with ease?

  • Create a list of your preferred choices – It’s time to make a shortlist once you’ve decided on the features to look for. This is the section where you should make a list of the online trading platforms that meet your needs.

Once you’ve compiled a list of online trading platforms, it’s time to investigate each one further. To begin, go to their website and learn more about their platform.

This will provide you with a better understanding of their services. After that, find out how much they charge and compare it to other online trading platforms.

  • Check out consumer testimonials and feedback – Hearing it straight from the source is one of the greatest ways to figure out if an online trading platform is suited for you. Look for consumer testimonials and reviews on their social media sites.

See what others have to say about their online trading experiences.

  • Find out how much they charge – Even if it’s only a fraction of a percent, all online trading platforms charge a trading fee.

Some platforms have a fixed fee, while others have a variable fee based on asset class and overall trade volume.

Look for online trading sites that charge cheaper costs, as this will allow you to invest more.

  • Whenever feasible, demonstrate the platform – If you have the opportunity, try out an online trading platform before deciding to use it. This will allow you to observe how their platform works and if it is user-friendly.

Thankfully, several platforms include a free trial period.

It’s also a good idea to see how responsive their customer service is. Is it easy for them to respond to your inquiries and concerns?

Are they well-versed enough to address your issues and questions?

  • What kind of tools and educational materials do they have available?
  • Is it simple to deposit and withdraw money?
  • What’s the status of their customer service?

Philippines’ Best Online Trading Platforms

  • First Metro Securities
  • COL Financial
  • Philstocks
  • Timson Securities
  • AAA Equities
  • BPI Trade
  • 2TradeAsia
  • BDO Securities


With the information provided above, you can see why you should choose a decent trading platform. You can begin trading and making money right away. Always keep in mind that a reputable trading platform will provide you with training classes where you may learn trading tactics. 

Market signals are also provided by a reputable platform to help you make informed trading selections. You can also trade in real-time because the site gives real-time quotes.

Furthermore, because there is no broker involved, you can save money by using the trading platform. You can do the deal wherever and anywhere you choose because you do it yourself. 

You can also automate your trades so you can trade even when you’re not connected to the internet.