Priority Banking Services & Privileges in the Philippines

March 18, 2022

Thanks to the introduction of internet platforms and various third-party services that you can link to for more seamless transactions, banking has never been easier or more convenient.

But did you know that there is a way to improve your banking experience?

Qualified clients can take advantage of exclusive advantages and benefits not available on normal accounts with Priority Banking. Access to specialized account managers, a larger financial product variety, priority service, and much more are among the benefits.

Priority Banking is a VIP-style banking service available to customers who have a significant amount of money in the bank. If the bank determines that you have a high net worth account, you may be eligible for services and perks not available to other customers.

Priority banking eligibility varies for each bank, however the most common criterion is the customer’s total relationship balance (TRB). TRB stands for a customer’s total assets or average monthly bank account balance.

In a nutshell, priority banking is a high-net-worth account holder’s private banking service. They can take use of a variety of benefits and privileges not available to regular consumers as part of the program.

What Are the Benefits of Priority Banking?

Priority banking offers a number of distinct features worth taking advantage of if you are eligible, ranging from personal client representatives to access to a larger selection of products.

The specific characteristics of priority banking will vary per bank, but the following are some of the most common advantages:

  • Designation of a dedicated client account representative who will be your primary point of contact for all of your banking needs
  • In some branches, there is a VIP service area where you won’t have to wait in line.
  • Checkbooks and debit or credit cards are provided for free.
  • Fees and charges on transactions and other products are waived (stop payments, cheque returns, NEFT, etc.,)
  • On some services and products, you can get better prices and rates (savings, checking, time deposits, etc.,)
  • Mortgages and loans are more likely to be accepted if you have a good credit score (housing loans, car loans, etc.,)
  • Invitations to private clubs and events for members only
  • Regular account users are not eligible for freebies, promotions, or discounts.
  • Early notice of unique offers and promotions

In the Philippines, how do you qualify for Priority Banking?

In most circumstances, an account holder’s total assets are the most important factor in determining whether or not they are eligible for priority banking. They can qualify for priority banking if they have a minimum Total Relationship Balance (or average daily balance in some institutions).

The minimum required balance varies by bank, and you may be required to meet additional conditions to qualify. To qualify, certain banks may require a minimum TRB of 1 million pesos or more, however there are lots of banks that require far less (check the list below for details).

Philippines’ Top Priority Banking Services

We’ll look at some of the best priority banking services available in the Philippines in this section. Our goal is to provide you a better understanding of the features available from these services and how to obtain them.

BPI Preferred

BPI Preferred offers personalized services, priority handling, and unique offers to qualifying account users.

Benefits and Perks

  • For all of your banking needs, you’ll get help from a specialized Relationship Manager.
  • Preferred Consultation spaces and unique lineups provide priority service.
  • Phone banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
  • Card of Preferred Privilege
  • Ayala Rewards Circle is a program run by Ayala Corporation.
  • Signature Visa Credit Card


To take use of the BPI Preferred Program’s privileges and perks, a client must meet and maintain the following eligibility criteria:

A total relationship balance of at least Php500,000 is required (TRB). TRB covers the client’s total cash in deposits (monthly average daily balances of current and savings accounts, as well as the value of time deposits) and investments held by BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank.

HSBC Premier

HSBC Premier provides a higher level of service and support, including unique rates and financial advice with an emphasis on international banking. Your Premier membership is instantly extended to your family members (spouse and children) so they can take advantage of the exclusive benefits and features as well.

Perks and Advantages

  • For all of your banking needs, you’ll have access to a Premier Relationship Manager.
  • Prioritized service and assistance
  • Premier prizes, offers, and collaborations are available only to Premier members.
  • Mastercard Premier
  • Insurance for High Net Worth Individuals
  • Investing in Premier Wealth
  • You, your spouse, and your children will enjoy first-class treatment.
  • Support with opening an overseas account for family members who are relocating to another country.
  • Premier status is automatic in 29 markets throughout the world.
  • A foreign currency account with advantageous exchange rates and no transaction costs.


Individual monthly income of at least PHP300,000 gross (or its foreign currency equivalent) should be deposited into an HSBC account by interested parties. They are also immediately qualified for HSBC Premier if they have a Total Relationship Balance of Php3,000,000 or greater. TRB comprises all of your assets, whether they are in the form of savings, investments, or insurance.

Citi Priority

Citi Priority is a collection of services and products designed to help you reach your financial goals faster. Members benefit from individualized rates and services, including financial planning assistance, free worldwide online bank transfers, and ATM withdrawals from any local ATM and Citibank ATMs around the world.

Benefits and Perks

  • A staff of personal bankers provides priority service.
  • Citi Mobile App, Citi Alerts SMS, and Citibank Online provide convenient banking access.
  • Citi Financial Services and Insurance may provide you with priority financial service packages tailored to your wealth journey (CFSI)
  • Citibank offers free international online bank transfers and ATM withdrawals.
  • Citibank and CFSI provide access to special benefits and monetary credits.


A total relationship balance of at least P1 million should be maintained in your account.

RCBC Hexagon Club (Privilege and Prestige)

RCBC’s top club for account holders who want to take advantage of RCBC’s premium banking service and exclusive advantages is the Hexagon Club. You can gain extra perks and features as a member, as well as priority service, whether you’re banking online or at a physical branch.

Benefits and Perks

  • A dedicated Business Relationship Manager (BRM) is a person who is in charge of
  • Priority Service Access
  • Life Insurance Coverage at No Cost
  • Insurance for ATM cards is provided for free.
  • RCBC Bankard Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard Credit Card is free for life.
  • 1 year’s worth of free checkbooks and manager’s checks
  • In any Bancnet ATM, there is no withdrawal fee.
  • Inter-regional and inter-branch fees have been waived.
  • Every year, you’ll get one free bank certification and five free bank statements.
  • Forex Special Rates
  • Rates on Peso Time Deposit accounts are preferential.
  • RCBC business loans have preferential rates.
  • RCBC Investment Options are only available to RCBC members.
  • Fee for SME Loan Appraisal Waiver
  • Access to Special Offers and Events
  • Partner Merchant Benefits
  • Gifts that are unique


To qualify for and maintain RCBC Hexagon Club membership, interested parties must have a total average daily balance (ADB) of at least P100,000 in their RCBC savings and checking account(s).


The amount of cash bank has to work with has a big impact on how well it can manage its business. Treating select customers with unique privileges is done to encourage them to do more business with the bank, allowing the bank to continue operating and serving all of its customers with more finances.

The banking industry accomplishes this by providing financial guidance, reducing paperwork, and generally holding priority customers’ hands throughout their financial transactions with the bank.

A regular customer, for example, would most likely seek into a safe investment such as fixed deposits to produce a constant stream of interest returns.

The priority customer, on the other hand, may be directed to various financial tools and other possibilities that involve a larger commitment as well as a higher risk in exchange for higher rewards.

Both the customer and the bank benefit from assisting their most cash-rich customers with their business. Customers receive better service and their money is better managed, and the bank benefits as a result. It’s a win-win situation.