Rights of Passengers during Flight Cancellations

May 20, 2023


Although we hope that your travel plans are never canceled or delayed, it is undeniable that it is still possible given the large number of passengers and unfavorable weather. If you spent your funds on the trip and have people to see in a few hours, getting a cancellation notification can seem like the end of the world.

However, don’t worry; there are procedures in place to make sure you can still go despite the difficulties.

Depending on the circumstances and the amount of time that has gone, cancellations and delays provide passengers with a variety of compensation choices. We have listed your rights below so that you will know what to do if you find yourself in the middle of an undesirable situation.


Following are your rights as a passenger in the event of a flight cancellation

Technical blunders, logistical issues, health issues, or adverse weather conditions frequently result in flight cancellations. Different options for dealing with a canceled flight may be presented to passengers depending on the cause.

If an airline is to blame for a flight cancellation, the following things could happen:

Right to information

Passengers must be aware of all the specifics of their airline tickets. He or she should be able to tell if they purchased a standard ticket or a promotional ticket. Learn about the ticket’s rebooking, rerouting, refundability, validity, seats available, travel window, and other terms.

“Accurate information helps passengers make the best decision regarding whether to purchase a ticket or not.

At least 24 hours before the scheduled flight. You are entitled to:

  • Be informed in advance if the event has been canceled
  • At the passenger’s discretion, rebook or compensate

Less than 24 hours before departure, cancellation. You are entitled to:

  • Be informed in advance if the event has been canceled
  • amenities
  • Be compensated for the cost of the fare, taxes, surcharges, and any further supplemental fees
  • Can transfer endorsement to a different airline without paying the difference in fares
  • To rebook the flight without being charged extra

Other reasons for cancellation, such as unavoidable circumstances, security or safety concerns, should be reimbursed in full.

What transpires if a flight is delayed?

Depending on how much time has passed since the anticipated departure time, passengers may choose to take a different set of actions in response to flight delays that don’t always result in cancellations.

Whether or not the airline is to blame, there has been a terminal delay of at least three hours past the estimated time of departure. You are entitled to:

  • Eat or drink what you want
  • Free calls, texts, or emails, as well as first aid if required
  • Reschedule or reimburse the customer’s ticket
  • Be granted to a different carrier

Whether or not the carrier is to blame, there has been a terminal delay of at least six hours past the estimated time of departure. You are entitled to:

  • To be eligible for the rights and benefits offered in the event of an actual cancellation, consider the flight to have been canceled.
  • Delayed supplementary remuneration at least equal to the sector’s value
  • If the flight is more than six hours after the scheduled departure time and the affected passenger has not chosen to rebook or receive a refund, they must board.

At least two hours of tarmac delay following the ETD

Even after you’ve gotten on the plane, delays might still happen. Flights may have to wait for permission to safely take off because Philippine airports only have one runway. There may be a long line of planes at peak travel times, but there isn’t much you can do other than wait in your seat. In these circumstances, a two-hour wait ought to provide you access:

  • Adequate food and drink

How do I get my refund?

Passengers have a right to quick payment of compensation if they qualify for reimbursement or refunds.

The following payment options must be offered to the impacted passenger:

  • On the day of the event, at the carrier’s counters in the airport
  • At the airline’s main office or any branch, at the passenger’s option

Following are the different ways that money can be released:

  • By handing over a check
  • Cash
  • A document required to submit a claim for benefits reimbursement. The document must be Convertible into cash within 15 days of the event’s date.

Passenger Responsibilities

Get familiar with the airline’s terms and conditions. The majority, if not all, of the key clauses, are prominently displayed on the airline website when you book your ticket, so you don’t need to read through it all. At the absolute least, you should be aware of the refund, cancellation, and check-in policies if you are making a reservation through a travel agency.

To secure additional coverage in the event of an emergency or any kind of delay, you can also acquire travel insurance. Travel insurance typically pays for things like personal injuries, flight cancellations, lost luggage, medical costs, and delays or missed connections.

Give yourself enough time to travel to the airport and complete your check-in. Conveniently, you can use online check-in at least two hours before your ETD to avoid long lines, but if your luggage weighs more than the permitted carry-on baggage limit of seven kilograms, you must still leave it at the check-in counter.



The information above is all written down and supported by documentation that complies with Philippine law. Knowing your rights as a passenger will help you take precautions to prevent accidents or even ignorance if you ever find yourself in difficulty.

Understanding your rights will help you feel more responsible as a passenger.