Things to think about if you’re a first-time home buyer

February 3, 2022

Buying a home for the first time may appear to be an unrealistic ambition as property prices continue to rise. That goal might not be as out of reach as you believe if you prepare beforehand and stay disciplined.

Here are some money movements and home-buying tips you can do right now to get you on the road to homeownership.

The Experience of People Around You

When you start looking for a home, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are a lot of individuals who have a lot of opinions. It’s critical to disregard everyone but those who offer sound advice.

Family and acquaintances who have only purchased one home in their lives are unlikely to be aware of all of the crucial aspects of today’s home-buying process. People who have been in the real estate, home improvement, and title sectors for a long time are likely to know what they’re talking about, so pay attention to them. 

When choosing a Realtor, look for one that has a long track record of successful representation of buyers and good references from throughout the area. It’s far too simple to discover a Realtor who is only looking to make a quick cash.

The Size of the House You’ll Require

No matter how tempting it may be, never acquire more space than you require right now (expected family growth included). A larger home just means more room to manage, more utility bills to pay, and more things to go wrong.

So consider where you’ve previously lived and how much space your goods actually demand. Consider condos or townhomes if all of the homes you’re looking at are larger than you need.

Numbers of Loan Approvals and Down Payment Options

Pre-approval for a loan isn’t a guarantee, but it does give you a decent indication of the type of mortgage you’ll be able to afford, making it a vital step. Your mortgage approval figures will also determine how much of a down payment you should consider, usually around 20%.

It’s time to move on if you find a home that exceeds your loan pre-approval limit or you can’t afford to put down 20% cash. No matter how much you fall in love with a house, it’s critical that you keep within your limits.


For many homeowners, the number of bathrooms in a home is a significant consideration. Consider how many people including guests will use each bathroom.

Do you want each bathroom to have a bathtub or a shower? Do you care about the size of each bathroom?

Is it possible to add a bathroom to the house in the future if the necessity arises? When you’re thinking about buying a house, ask yourself these vital questions.

Home Inspections Uncover

Inspection information should always be included in home purchase advice. A home inspection is more than a formality; it can reveal major issues with a house, such as foundation issues, rot, pest issues, roof damage, mold, poor insulation, out-of-date wiring, and more.

Before you make a final decision, you must be aware of these issues. The good news is that a problem frequently results in a new offer with the condition that the seller pays to rectify the problem before you acquire it.

The State of the Community

Take a stroll! Take a few blocks in either way and see what you can find. What do you think of the houses?

So, what’s going on in the yards these days? Are neighborhoods being developed and improved, or are they deteriorating?

What do you think the average age of the people you see is? If what you see makes you nervous, you should think twice about buying a home there.

You should also check at the neighborhood’s crime statistics and typical home prices.

The Age of Appliances

Appliances are among the most expensive components of a home, and they demand special attention. In general, if an appliance is more than ten years old, it’s time to replace it.

This includes ovens, refrigerators, and other major appliances. Also, make certain that the appliances you see will remain in the house after you purchase it (some sellers can be very sneaky about this).

Also, save this page for when you buy a house and need to do appliance repairs!

Workplace and school proximity

Examine your commute to work and surrounding schools, if necessary. Take note of any public transit stops. 

Don’t simply look at a map; go travel the routes to see what they’re like, how busy they are, and how long they’ll take.

What is the orientation of the windows?

This is a minor but crucial feature that determines how much sun the house receives, when it receives it (morning or afternoon), and how hot it will become if all the windows are open.

It’s a fundamental but crucial aspect of good housekeeping, and it’ll also show you how to care for your siding and yard.

Details on the Homeowners’ Association

Find out whether there is a HOA or other similar sort of association right away. If there is, read through their requirements (which any professional Realtor should be able to obtain quickly) and make a note of any fees and what they might cover.

Check to determine if anything you want to change about a residence is permitted. Check to check if parking a car or trailer at your house is permitted. In addition to monthly payments, HOAs might have a lot of rules.

The Current State of House Offers

Are there any other offers on the house right now, or will there be in the future? A qualified Realtor will be able to tell you a lot about it. It’s also a good idea to know who is bidding on the property if at all possible.

For example, an investor will frequently give cash up front and make counter offers extremely tough. Keep in mind that there is always some level of rivalry for famous residences.


Purchasing a home for the first time does not have to be a stressful experience. It is you and your loved ones that bring a home to life wherever you land. Maintain your financial health in order to get there, so your quality of life improves rather than declines as a result of the purchase.