Voluntary Contribution of OFWs

July 26, 2021

According to the latest data of the International Labour Organisation, there are approximately 11 million Filipinos working overseas. They may be permanent residents of different countries or for a limited period of time for employment or education purposes.

We all know that OFW’s or the Overseas Filipino Workers are working abroad to support their families. They have decided to work outside the country due to opportunities that would help their finances and future investments.

Aside from the fact that they are considered heroes by their families back home. It is vital for these workers to know that they can secure their future by the help of these government agencies. Their goal is to provide every Filipino financial security in the future. OFWs can pay their contribution and loans through Optimum Exchange Remit’s foreign partners in Dubai, Kuwait, Hongkong, Singapore and Saipan.

Here are the following agencies where OFWs can do voluntary contribution to secure their future retirement and for emergency health purposes.

SSS or the Social Security System


An agency that provides social security protection to its members against the economic hardships caused by life’s contingencies.

For instance; maternity, sickness, old age, disability, and death. Formerly, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are land-based were categorized as voluntary members. Whereas Overseas Filipino workers who are sea-based are considered as employed-members who are covered as mandatory. Alongside their companies or manning agents as their employers, who should shell out a certain amount for your monthly contribution.

This is why it is important to have your monetary contribution. It may be mandatory or not so you can depend on the agency to provide monetary assistance and support. Whether in the form of pensions, loan or cash allowance in times of uncertainty. It is also your responsibility however, to actively pay your monthly contributions to be assured of the benefits mentioned above.

We can not deny that some of them, if not all, are apprehensive of having nothing to support their daily expenses. The government, however, created programs to best cater these needs. In 1970, our legislators gave birth to the Home Development Mutual Fund more popularly known as the PAG-IBIG FUND.

Home Development Mutual Fund or

known as the Pag-Ibig Fund


The primary agency that offers affordable housing loans to all the Filipino citizens. It also provides other sorts of loans and savings programs as well aside from housing loan.

For Overseas Filipino Workers whose employers are subject to mandatory Pag-IBIG coverage should contribute an amount of 200.00 pesos per month to be paid on a monthly basis. The employer’s share is 100.00 pesos, so with the employee.

But, if the employer abroad is not subject to the mandatory coverage, the employee must contribute 2% of their monthly earnings. With 5,000.00 as minimum monthly income used for computing the contribution.

The member will only pay an amount of at least 100.00 pesos monthly. Also, pay the employer’s counterpart of another 100.00 pesos, for a total amount of 200.00 monthly savings. Good enough, especially, if you plan to avail for a Pag-Ibig housing loan in the future.

Who would have thought that your Pag-IBIG contribution will go a long way for your future? You will not appreciate the value of your contribution until you get a loan or withdraw your funds when you retire. In other words, paying your contribution now is a form of saving money for your future.

Another government agency that every OFW should consider having their voluntary contribution is Philhealth. This is to prepare and be secured in times of health emergencies.

Philhealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation)


Is a health insurance owned by the government that was founded in 1995 to implement universal health coverance in the country. The Universal Health Care Law states the contribution is mandatory. As per its policy but as per the President’s request, it may be voluntary. PhilHealth commits to continue soften and alleviate the impact of the premium rate increase, but it cannot change the Law.”

It is important to continue our contribution payments to secure our future and to prepare for health related uncertainties.

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